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  • What is a wiki and how can I use one

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What is a wiki?

 Wikis provide a simple, intuitive way of creating group-authored webpages, such as Wikipedia-style repositories of knowledge. They are useful for collaborative projects and make it easy to share information. You can view changes made by different users or rollback to previous versions.

The UCL Wiki is not just one wiki - the Confluence software has the capability of creating many "wiki spaces" for groups of UCL users. Additionally, staff users have the ability to maintain their own "personal wiki space"

See also the Confluence Overview video

How can I use a wiki?

Here are some ideas.

  • You want to create a simple flexible group authored web pages
  • You want to build a knowledge base for a course, research group or project
  • You want to increase student engagement using a safe online wiki
  • You want a to showcase your students' work online and to have their peers read their work
  • You want a central place for your group to collaborate
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