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  • structures of articles on subjects à la Wikipedia
  • collaborative work (e.g. in teaching and learning)
  • for research groups
  • for committees
  • for projects
  • sharing technical notes in a small group
  • managing projects

For more information on why one would want to use a wiki, click here.

Logging in

Go to http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk and login with your normal UCL user ID and password.
The page which appears is the UCL Wiki Dashboard. It lists the spaces (i.e. different areas in the wiki) to which you have access in a column on the left. You may be able to see some spaces without logging in, but you won't be able to do much.


Use the full guide link at the top of the column for a complete list of wiki markup.
Note: You will find it quicker to create tables on the Rich Text tab than on the Wiki Markup tab!

For more information on editing wiki pages, click here.

Adding a new page

This presumes that the part of the wiki ("space") the page is to be added to exists, if it doesn't, see Creating a space below.