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*This wiki contains a growing selection of support and tips to help you use and build your wiki.*

h3. Wiki Users

* [1 Why would you want to use a wiki?|http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=2557120#TheQuick%26DirtyGuidetotheUCLWiki-Addingacomment]
* 2 Logging in
* 3 Adding a comment
* 4 Editing a page
* 5 Biggest heading
*** 5.1.1 Smallest heading
* 6 Adding a new page
** 6.1 Notes
* 7 Attaching a file to a page in the wiki
* 8 Inserting a link
* 9 Adding an image
* 10 Restricting a page
* 11 Exporting a page as a Word file or PDF
* 12 Viewing changes and restoring older versions of pages
* 13 Removing pages
* 14 Creating a personal space in the wiki
** 14.1 Access rights
** 14.2 Your profile
* 15 Advanced formatting
* 16 Further information
* 17 Tips
[What is a wiki and how can I use one?]
[How do I edit a wiki page]
[How do I add a page to a wiki?]
[How do I use my personal space?]
[How do I use the news?]
[How do I request a wiki space?|http://www.ucl.ac.uk/is/wiki]
[Frequently Asked Questions]

h3. Wiki Space Administrators

[How to request a space on the UCL Wiki]
[Read This First]
[The Quick & Dirty Guide to the UCL Wiki|AboutWiki:The Quick & Dirty Guide to the UCL Wiki]
[Space Administrator's Guide]
[Frequently Asked Questions]