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For more information on editing wiki pages, click here.

How do I add a new page?

  • This presumes that the part of the wiki ("space") the page is to be added to exists, if it doesn't, see Creating a space below.
  • You must have sufficient permission to be able to edit a wiki to add a page. If you can see the Edit tab on a wiki page you can add a new page to that wiki.
  • The procedure is the same whatever kind of space it is (i.e. personal or global).
  • Navigate to the space or page where you want the new page.
  • Click the New Page hyperlink top right. The default page's name is by default New Page. you will want to change this.
  • Add some content and click Save.
    The new page opens.


  • Putting a link (see below) to a non-existent page creates it.
  • Once the page is created, you can type text in it or use copy text from Word to Confluence. Some Word formatting will be retained.
  • Each page in a wiki needs to have a unique name.