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It is recommended that you use Firefox or Internet Explorer on the PC, and Firefox, Camino or Safari, on the Mac.

Why would you want to use a wiki?

Wikis may be used, for example, for:

  • structures of articles on subjects à la Wikipedia
  • collaborative work (e.g. in teaching and learning)
  • for research groups
  • for committees
  • for projects
  • sharing technical notes in a small group
  • managing projects

For more information on why one would want to use a wiki, click hereThis document will show you all the functionality you are most likely to use.

But first read this so that you get an idea of what wikis are and what they can be used for in education.

How do I login to UCL Wiki?



No Format
h1. Biggest heading
h5. Smallest heading


---- for a horizontal line across the page

* for a bullet point
** for a sub-bullet
# for a numbered point

[British Library|http://www.bl.uk] for a link to a Web site

{note:title=title of note} text of note


Biggest heading

Smallest heading

---- for a horizontal line across the page

  • for a bullet point
    • for a sub-bullet
  1. for a numbered point
    British Library for a link to a Web site
    titletitle of note

    text of note



How do I add a new page?

  • This presumes that the part of the wiki ("space") the page is to be added to exists, if it doesn't, see Creating a space below.
  • You must have sufficient permission to be able to edit a wiki to add a page. If you can see the Edit tab on a wiki page you can add a new page to that wiki.
  • The procedure is the same whatever kind of space it is (i.e. personal or global).