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The presentation slides from the launch event are here: http://www.slideshare.net/cply/presentation-to-ucl-elearning-champions

As part of UCL's draft e-learning Strategy, E-Learning Environments (ELE) has launched a new initiative to work with departments and divisions to develop local e-learning plans. 

In essence what we are looking for is at least one academic and one technical/administrative e-learning champion for each department or division.  For very small departments, or for departments which don't do much teaching, there may not be a need for a champion. For large departments it may make sense to have more champions. Exactly how we engage with the champions and their departments will be determined by local preferences but the overall plan of action is:

1.   Kick-off meeting - We will meet with the departmental T&L team (champions and chair of teaching committee or equivalent) to discuss departmental ambitions in e-learning and how we can support them. If required we can provide data summarising the nature and level of e--learning usage for the department.

2.   Champions and ELE (E-learning Environments) write up a draft e-learning statement based on the kick-off meeting and further discussions with the Champions for submission to the Departmental Teaching Committee. This includes a statement of support and/or training needs as discussed with ELE, a set of objectives and a review schedule. ELE can facilitate a meeting with students (probably the StARs) to get their views if required.

3.   Identify best practice  - The champions (with ELE) will identify good local practice from Moodle courses across the department and do a quick scan of those courses to see if there are any particularly good 'showcase' examples.  This can be included in the T&L statement for information.

4.   Ongoing local support and review – we will work with the champions to support departments in meeting their e-learning goals, and to monitor engagement, uptake and effectiveness.

Additionally all champions will be invited to join the broader UCL-wide e-Learning Champions Network. This will be a forum for discussion, sharing of challenges and best practice, and general mutual support.  We are planning an initial champions network briefing in the new year and other UCL-wide and School-wide events as agreed by the network itself.