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If you want to apply restrictions in addition to the default ones on who can view or edit the page, select the EDIT link next to Restrictions at the bottom of the page.

See the section on Creating a personal space for information about giving permissions to groups. For more information, please see our tutorial on Page Restrictions.


  • Putting a link (see below) to a non-existent page creates it.
  • Once the page is created, you can type text in it or use copy text from Word to UCL WIki. Some Word formatting will be retained.
  • Each page in a wiki needs to have a unique name.
  • Wiki Markup
    Page titles cannot contain the following characters:
    \\  {{:, @, /, %, \, &, \!, \|, #, $, \*, ;, \~, \[, \], (, ), \{, \} , <, >, .}} \|
  • You can only create your own groups for access control if it's a global space (i.e. NOT if it's a personal space).

How do I insert a link?

Click the Insert/Edit Link icon (it looks like a chain) on the toolbar.
To link to a page in the UCL Wiki, search e.g. Global Spaces for the page. Click the link and click OK. (Attachments are included in the search.)
To link to a page on the Internet, click on the External Link tab and enter the address. (It may be safest to copy the address from your browser's Address field).


How do I save a Wiki page as a Word file or PDF?

  • Navigate to the page and click on the Info tab.
  • Click on the PDF or Word link in the Export As field.
    Note: Some spaces may be set up so that viewers don't have permission to do this.

How do I view changes or restore older versions of pages?


To compare two versions of a page, use the Recent Changes link, tick any two versions and click Compare selected versions. Green indicates additions, ; red deletions.

Restore an old version of a page by clicking the Recent Changes link.


Click the Edit tab to edit the page in question. Click the Remove Page hyperlink hyper, top right.

How would I create a template in the wiki?


By clicking on a label, you can search for other pages with the same label in that space or across the whole of UCL Wiki.

How do I add labels?

Click on the EDIT link next to Labels at the top of your page.
Anyone with the right to see the page can see the label.
If you put my: at the beginning of a label, only you can see it.


To read any news about a page, go to the Browse Space tab and select News.

How do I post news about a page?

If you have permission to post news about a page, you will seen an Add News link, top right on the page.

How do I get reports about spaces I can see?


  • Once you are logged on, you should see your name, top right as a hyperlink link on the UCL Wiki homepage. Click on this link.
  • On the page that appears, you should see a message saying You can create a personal space to keep your own pages and news. Click on the create a personal space hyperlink link.
  • Now you need to set the viewing and editing rights for your space.
    By default personal (are only viewable by the person concerned, and global ) spaces are only viewable by the person administrators of the spaces concerned.
    Note: Registered users - anyone logged into Confluence has no effect in the UCL implementation of the software.
    If you want all registered users to have access, you have explicitly to give access to group ucl-all. ucl-staff, ucl-hon, ucl-ug and ucl-pg are other useful groups. For detailed information about UCL access groups, see: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/upi/web-users/intranet-groups
    Click Create.