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If you want to apply restrictions in addition to the default ones on who can view or edit the page, select the EDIT link next to Restrictions at the bottom of the page. Type the user's name or username (UCL user id) and click Search. Tick the relevant box and click Select User(s).

See the section on Creating a personal space for information about giving permissions to groups. For more information, please see our tutorial on Page Restrictions.


So far the talk has been about personal spaces. The good news is that global spaces, the main part of the wiki with content from many people, not your personal bit, behave functionally very much the same as personal spaces.

Access rights

  • To adjust who has what access to your space, click the Browse Space hyperlink top right and then the Space Admin tab. Select Permissions in the left column.
  • Click Edit Permissions under the relevant user category and tick the relevant boxes.
  • Click Save All.

For more information on permissions, see: http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/AboutWiki/UCL+Wiki+Permissions+Explained