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  • You must have sufficient permission to be able to edit a wiki page. You will see various tabs at the top of wiki pages. If you can see the Edit tab, you can click on it to edit the page (or the page's title).
  • After clicking the Edit tab you will see three further tabs: Rich Text, Wiki Markup and Preview.
  • If you are using one of the recommended browsers (see the top of this guide), a WYSIWYG editor (the Rich Text tab) will appear with Word-like formatting options.
  • The Format drop-down box is the recommended way to add headings and other styles. Remember to save any changes before navigating away from the page you're working on!
  • Once you're done editing, just hit the Save button and the updated page will replace the older version. If it's only a small change you don't want to notify anyone watching the page about, click Minor change at the bottom before you save.

You may find it quicker to create content by using wiki markup. Using wiki markup is a powerful way to add design and functionality to your wiki pages. To do this, select the Wiki Markup tab after selecting the Edit tab. There is a summary of the markup system available from the full guide link in the right column. Common codes include:


So far the talk has been about personal spaces. The good news is that global spaces, the main part of the wiki with content from many people, not your personal bit, behave functionally very much the same as personal spaces.

You can apply for a global space on the UCL Wiki which is still in pilot by clicking here, but first you should consider how the space fits into your own structures: committees/subcommittees, projects/subprojects and the pros and cons of sharing a space.

Access rights

  • To adjust who has what access to your space, click the Browse Space hyperlink top right and then the Space Admin tab. Select Permissions in the left column.
  • Click Edit Permissions under the relevant user category and tick the relevant boxes.
  • Click Save All.