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  1. Log in and navigate to the Moodle area with the Turnitin assignment you need to monitor.
  2. From the Navigation menu select Reports, and from the Reports sub-menu select Course Participation; the Participation Report page then loads allowing you to filter your search as follows.
    1. From the Activity Module menu, select the Turnitin assignment you need to monitor.
    2. Choose a period of time to 'Look Back' over.
    3. 'Show Only' student reports.
    4. And finally, for 'Show Actions' select Post - which will show only students who have uploaded.
  3. When you're ready, click the Go button; the results then display.
  4. By clicking each column heading, you can sort the results for Post by Yes or No.
  5. Once you have identified the students who haven't submitted, the Participation Report gives you the opportunity to select their respective checkbox and send them a message - scroll to the bottom of the Report page for these options.