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Figure 1: Layout of ADVANCE model documentation Wiki ( https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/ADVIAM/Models ).

Table 1 below lists the models for which the harmonized Wiki documentation is currently available. Several other modeling teams associated with the ADVANCE project have also expressed an interest to provide model documentation in the some structure so the Wiki page has been set up to facilitate additional model descriptions.


  • Is the overall structure of the reference cards and the 30-page documentation adequate for the target audience? (see also overview of Wiki structure in PDF file)
  • Are there any important topics and lists that are key for interpreting model behavior from a high level perspective that are missing in the reference cards?
  • Are there any important sections/subsections missing in the 30-page documentation?
  • In the sample implementations, should some topics be expanded or reduced in scope given the length limitations? If a sample implementation by a modeling team (overall or in a specific section) seems particularly well laid-out/put together, please highlight this.
  • Is it useful to further harmonize/standardize the content of the 30-page documentation under additional headings, keeping in mind that model paradigms and structures are very heterogeneous?
  • Is the Wiki format appropriate for providing model documentation of this sort or are reports, manuals or still other ways of publication preferred?


Review comments should be sent via e-mail to advance-review@pik-potsdam.de by 15 September 2015.

The ADVANCE Consortium. 


  • This description of the review process can also be downloaded