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私はアンナです。 Watashi wa Anna desu. 'I am Anna.'

私は学生です。 Watashi was wa gakusei desu. 'I am a student.'


レストランはあそこです。 Resutoran wa asoko desu. 'The restaurant is over there.'


私 watashi 'I'

学生 gakusei 'student'. Note that the u is devoiced.

さん san 'Mr, Mrs, Miss'. Do not use san with your own name.

これ kore 'this (thing)'. Cannot be followed by a noun.

あれ are 'that (thing over there, away from both of us)'. Cannot be followed by a noun.

社会人 shakaijin 'working adult' from 社会 shakai 'society' and 人 -jin 'person'. (- indicates an element that can't be used on its own.)



Wa. Indicates the topic of the sentence. It is often left out if it is obvious.