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  1. Navigate to your Moodle course.
  2. In the Administration block click on Reset.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Select default button.
  4. The default option Copy Turnitin Assignments (Create Duplicates, New Turnintin Turnitin Class) is the only option ELE recommended Digital Education recommends for course resets.

The three Turnitin assignment reset options are described here:
Copy Turnitin Assignments (Create Duplicates, New Turnintin Class)
This will create a new Turnitin class and a new assignment within the class for the assignment link in Moodle. The old class and assignment will remain associated with the Moodle editors' Turnitin accounts, so can still be referred to in future via Turnitin and the Moodle archive. This is the most appropriate option for a new cohort of students (e.g. a new class).


Turnitin also allows images to be submitted, however, these images are not checked for plagiarism as images can't currently be matched to sources. In order to submit scanned work to Turnitin, the Economics department provide students with a coversheet containing the required 20 words of text that students append to the start of their scanned PDFs of their work. In order to merge these in to one document students on a PC can use PDFMerge and students on a Mac use the pre-installed Mac Preview. On the UCL Desktop and Myriad you can use How to merge PDF documents.