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April 2007


Chris Dillon

First-sixth drafts

March 2008


Chris Dillon & Tina Barclay

Seventh draft

April 2008


Chris Dillon

First version

April 2008


Tina Barclay

Second version

May-June 2008


Chris Dillon

Third-fourth version

Sept.-OctFeb. 2008 2009


Chris Dillon

Fifth-sixth seventh version

2 Introduction

This document has been drawn up to describe the service staff and students can expect when using the wiki service supported by Information Systems at UCL. It is a communication tool to help manage expectations, clarify responsibilities, and provide an objective basis for assessing service effectiveness.


A wiki is a website that may be edited by its users through a browser. The most famous wiki is Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org).
Wikis are typically used for storing structures of data. They may be used for collaborative working as a more flexible alternative to shared drives. However, they should not be used as file stores, for example for multimedia files.
The service comprises the wiki software available at http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk running on a server maintained and supported by Information Systems. This UCL Wiki is based on Confluence. The wiki is accessed through a Web browser.
End-users eligible (see 4 above) to use the wiki, gain access to it with their UCL user id. Only members of UCL staff may apply to wiki-support@ucl.ac.uk to create a space (root hierarchy) in the wiki. Staff Both staff and students are able to create their own personal spaces.
Spaces Global spaces in the wiki should have names based on the UPI organisational structure document, if possible, which lists names for every part of UCL. Cases of difficult naming may be referred to the Eligibility Group.