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Check the UCL Moodle snapshot has been taken for the year, so that there is a backup of all the previous cohort of students' contributions, assessments and grades.

How do I



Reset your course

How you reset your course depends on what timetable it follows.

If your course follows the standard undergraduate timetable, with teaching starting in September and finishing some time in early summer, with a clear period of student inactivity on the course during July and August then follow the instructions for standard course resets. You generally have a window of time in which to reset your course starting immediately AFTER the yearly Moodle snapshot, and before teaching is due to start for the new academic year

If your course doesn't follow the standard UG timetable, e.g. it is a postgraduate course, then follow the instructions for non-standard course resets. Non standard resets can occur at any time of the year. Often there is overlap between the running of different yearly instances of the course, in which case the reset is usually prompted by the need for a new course for the incoming cohort.

Re-enable Portico enrolments

It is important to re-activate your Portico enrolments when you reset your course. We recommend doing this once the academic year has rolled over in Portico, so from the 1st August for undergraduate courses.