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You should consider categories 1 and 5 of the e-Learning Baseline:

  • Category 1, Structure. Ensure that your Book is presented in a meaningful, clearly structured, and sequenced way, using headings, labels, and section overviews.
  • Category 5, Resources. Make use of descriptive titles, maintain links, and the currency of material contained within your Book.


  • 1.2 Minimise cognitive load - Avoid overloading the front page by placing content off the main page in Pages Books , Folders , Lessons and by hiding  and by hiding unused items.

How do I set one up?

Add a Book quick guide


  1. Upon opening the Book for the first time you will be prompted to add a Chapter title and Content
  2. To add new chapters, Turn editing on and click the plus symbol next to any of the existing chapters in the Table of contents on the right hand side
  3. Repeat the process of adding a Name and Description
  4. Click Save changes.


Further help

Further guidance on Book settings can be found on Moodle docs.

If you find any inaccurate or missing information you can even update this yourself (it's a communal wiki).

If you have a specific question about the tool please contact the Digital Education team.



Examples and case studies


Questions & Answers

Q.  I've set my book up and want to make changes, but I don't see the usual edit icons?

A. If you don't see the edit icons when you are trying to edit the book, use the Settings menu and under Book administration click Turn the Settings menu and under Book administration click Turn editing on.

Further information

You can also import web (HTML) files directly into your Book. To do this: