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How do I set one up?

Add a Book quick guide


A. If you don't see the edit icons when you are trying to edit the book, use the Settings menu and under Book administration click Turn editing on.

Further information

Q.  Can I import content directly into a Book? 

A. You can also import web (HTML) files directly into your Book. To do this:

  1. Open the appropriate Book and click the the plus symbol to add a new chapter (which appears below it). Within the the Settings block and under under Book Administration click  click Import chapter
  2. Choose the zipped folder of  of a single or multiple HTML files that you want to import and and whether each HTML file or folder represents a single chapter. Click  Click Import

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Further information

Chapters and sub-chapters can be navigated by clicking on the chapter name in the Table of contents. Students can also move through the Book using the arrows located to the top-left and bottom-left of the content. Users can also print out the whole book or individual chapters using the icons at the top left of the content.