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Recording As an initial proof of concept, recording indicator lights have been mounted on the podium desk of a small number of Lecturecast enabled teaching spaces. The intention of this is to pilot the use of the lights with a view to evaluating their value to users in Lecturecast enabled spaces and make recommendations for any future possible wider implementation. 

The lights offer two possible benefits:

  • The colour and state of the lights indicate the status of


  • Lecturecast recording


  • in that room. - This means that staff and students in the space are more easily aware that they are being recorded, and staff can signal any potential issues with recording faster. 
  • The lights can be used to pause and resume a recording during a lecture. 


  • - Many Lecturecast users have found they need to edit their recordings to remove conversations had during breaks


In this guide:

1. What do the colours indicate?
2. Pausing/Resuming a recording
3. Reporting a fault with your recording

  • . Pausing the recording during the break offers an alternative to this, meaning editing may no longer be required. 

1. What do the colours indicate?



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There is no
Stand-by state/ No scheduled recording taking place

Error / Disconnected

The Lecturecast recording device is idle and ready to begin recordingThe Lecturecast recording device is recordingThe recording
has been pausedThe Lecturecast recording device is faulty/disconnected

2. Pause/resume a recording


  • Press down gently on the


  • indicator light for roughly one second to change the light from red to flashing yellow.
  • While the light is flashing yellow your lecture recording will be paused and nothing will be recorded.


  • Press down gently on the light again to resume recording. 
  • The light should change from flashing yellow to red, providing


  • the scheduled end time of the recording has not been reached. 

3. Report a fault with your recording

If you have a scheduled recording and the Delcom indicator light is flashing red or is not on, it indicates there is likely to indicate a technical fault with the system and
that your session is not being recorded.

Please called the Service Desk on the handset on the Podium (extension x25000) and ask to speak to the Digital Education team.

They will then be able to confirm if your scheduled event is being recorded, log the details and escalate the fault to technical teams to resolve as soon as possible. Note as the system is automated and relies on specific hardware, it is unlikely that they will be able to resolve any issues there and then, but logging this issue directly should speed up the resolution process.