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When you want students to enrol themselves, you enable Self Enrolment, give students the link to the Moodle space front page (or otherwise let them know how to search for the space on Moodle), and ask them to enrol themselves.(warning) If


If you also have Guest Access enabled, do emphasise to your students that they should also enrol - otherwise they won't receive correspondence from the space, nor be able to participate in the activities.

How to set up Self Enrolments.


Guests are anyone who can access your course without enrolling or logging into Moodle first. This can be handy for students deciding which modules to select. Guests are restricted in terms of what they can do, i.e. they can't post into forums, submit assignments or do any kind of grading etc.



It is important to set a password for guest access, otherwise, you are effectively making your course public to anyone. This can cause data protection and copyright problems.

How to set up guest access