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    1. From within your Moodle course go to the This course block tab/dropdown menu at the top of the Moodle window.
    2. Under this tab click participantson Participants
    3. From here you can click click on Enrol users to add staff to your course
    4. In the the Enrol users pop-up window, use the Assign roles dropdown menu, choose the role you want to assign.
    5. The list shows all people in Moodle - and there's a lot of them. To filter the list down to Then to locate an individual use the search box below the list of accounts.
    6. You can search for their email, name or department.
    7. Click Enrol for the person Select users. Type in and search for either a user's email address or their name. (E.g. first name or last name/surname or first name followed by surname).
    8. Repeat step e. for all the users you want to enrol with the selected role.
    9. Click on Enrol users for the person(s) you wish to give access to your course . Click Finish enrolling users when you are donein accordance with the role you've selected

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