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The default text editor in Moodle is the Atto editor. The Atto editor doesn't allow you to set fonts, font colour or font size. If you want to use these features, please switch to using the TinyMCE editor. Details available in moodledocs.


  • underlining anything that isn't a link.
  • using CAPITALISED text.
  • using italicised text.
  • using text colours with low contrast to the background (colours must meet WCAG AA contrast ratios).
  • adding images without adequate captions, or descriptions (unless the image is purely decorative and it can be left blank).
  • adding videos that do not have subtitles:
    *YouTube provides accurate auto-captioning, so if your video is public, uploading the video to YouTube is a good option to improve the accessibility of your resources to students. This helps students who are hard of hearing or who may not be able to listen to the audio track, because they are in a public place and may not have headphones.