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  • Labels - areas where subtitles and descriptions can be added to the content area of a Moodle course homepage.
  • Pages - pages linked from the Moodle course homepage.
  • Books - multiple pages, with a menu.
  • Discussion forum messages - posting or replying to others in a Moodle course.


  • To create a section or a subheading in a long list of activities.
  • To display an embedded audio, video or a code on the course page.
  • To add a short description to a section.

Pages are used to create a web page to display text, images, audio, video, web links and embedded code (such as Google maps)


Additionally, Moodle course editors (tutors and course administrators) will be able to use the text editor when writing descriptions for activities they add to Moodle courses and when drafting content in LabelsPages and Pages and Books.

Meeting the Baseline


Advantages of entering text directly into pages, books and lessons, rather than files include: