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titleHow will my students know that they have to submit their assessment on the 19/20 snapshot?
We will be creating signage on the front page of Moodle as well as directing students from Moodle to the Snapshot to take any Late Summer Assessments. You can either add a notice on your course if you like on the live moodle Moodle once we upgrade or hide your course to avoid confusion. See below the steps we plan to take:
  • Digital Education will retain the current two Moodle selection/landing screen however, it will be re-purposed to direct students to the Snapshot Moodle for late summer assessments.
  • Digital Education will create a global banner within “live” Moodle directing students to the Snapshot for the duration of the late summer assessment period.
  • Digital Education will place other redirection adverts/links within “live” Moodle to highlight to students that late summer assessment activities can be found within the 19/20 Snapshot.


titleI cannot guarantee that all marking will be completed by 31st 30th November 2020, do I create the submission on my live course would we then unenroll them after the 2019/20 Moodle snapshot?

If you are anticipating your marking will not be completed before 30th November 2020, we would suggest duplicating your course on live Moodle and rename this course to (for example) ‘Course name 1920 Dissertations'. By doing this, you will not have to remove the dissertation students and they will be captured in 2021 Moodle snapshot as a separate course.

titleI have a Late Summer Assessments on Moodle 19/20, can I do my marking after the 31st 30th November 2020?

If you have any assessments after this period - October on wards, please continue to use live Moodle following normal processes, as Snapshot cannot be kept open after 30th November 2020.