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Additionally, Moodle course editors (tutors and course administrators) will be able to use the text editor when writing descriptions for activities they add to Moodle courses and when drafting content in LabelsPages and Books.

Meeting the Baseline

The UCL E-Connected Learning Baselinesuggests the following for Accessibility: 

  • 7.1 Provide accessible learning resources by ensuring:
    • Layout is clear, with good spacing, including text that isn’t cramped or dense.
    • Graphics have alternative text (for screen-readers).
    • Navigation is consistent between modules.
    • Fonts are large enough to read (minimum 10pt).
    • Coloured text has high contrast against backgrounds.
    • Links are descriptive (avoiding 'click here'). 
    • Resources provided are in accessible formats and 48 hours in advance of lectures where relevant/appropriate.
  • 7.2 Links open in the same window – so the student uses the browser back button. *If a new window is essential (e.g. to provide pop-up help) warn the students by labelling the link with '(this link will open in new window)'.
  • 7.3 Adhere to the UK Equality Act - If a student with a disability requests an accessible format of any resource, this must be provided, within reason. Read more at www.ucl.ac.uk/disability.