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四 Sì is 'four'.

And this time there are four characters, not three as usual.

四 is regarded as inauspicious (不吉利 bùjílì) as it sounds like 死 sǐ 'death'.

Add three drops of water and you still have sì, but this one is used in place names like 泗水 Sìshuǐ:

Now we have two look alikes:

1. This is mǐn 'dish':

Note that the two internal strokes don't bend and the bottom stroke sticks out on both sides.
Commonish word: 器皿 qìmǐn 'household utensils'

2. And this is xuè 'blood':

Common word: 血液 xuèyè 'blood'
In form similar to 1. but with that extra stroke at the top; perhaps it's blood flowing out of a dish!