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How these map back to the categories in the E-Learning FrameworkBaseline is included in brackets after each one, where this is not immediately obvious. For the Baseline standard that all taught modules at UCL should adhere to, please refer to Archived: UCL E-Learning Baseline : enhancing e-learning provision2016.

Table of Contents

Moodle as a community hub


  • Detailed assignment feedback and grades are communicated to students electronically - within 4 weeks, using Moodle Assignments or Turnitin GradeMark.
  • Assessment rubrics or marking guides / grading sheets are communicated to students in advance of them producing assessed work to communicate the
    Further information on using rubrics and marking guides. Turnitin v2 supports this, as do Moodle Assignments.
  • Formative Moodle quizzes allow students to test their understanding of core concepts and provide detailed feedback to enable them to work on areas they are uncertain about. This may also include certainty based marking where students also indicate their confidence that their answer is correct.
  • Assessments should map to the module's Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) and these should be communicated to students.
    Further information on assessment criteria and formative assessment.
  • Staff assign weighted grades for online and offline assessments and can then export these to excel via the Moodle Gradebook.
  • Cover sheets ask students to indicate the type of feedback they would like to receive and outline how they have acted upon prior feedback (from drafts or other assessments) to improve their work.
  • Peer feedback and/or grading forms part of the assessment process. This may be compulsory or optional.
  • Further information on providing electronic feedback.
  • Students are graded partially on how well they adhere to accessibility guidelines in their assessed work.

    Further information on grading students on their ability to produce accessible presentations and media.