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  • Norwegian adjectives before a noun

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Adjective after possessive exercise

With adjectives coming before indefinite nouns, the rules are the same as with Norwegian adjectives after være etc.

The ending you put on the adjective depends on whether the noun is singular or plural, and whether the noun is common gender or neuter.


Use -t in the case of a singular neuter noun:

et stort hus

No -t - ending in singular neutre neuter after adjectives ending i (i)g or in -ig or -e. 

et vanskelig barn

et oransje skjerf

Use -e in the case of a plural common or neuter noun:

store biler

store hus

Before definite nouns after den, det, de and denne, dette, disse, de, or after a possessive you always use -e after the adjective:


Norges beste atlet

Englands dyreste butikk


Per: 'Har du sett den nye, fine bilen min?'