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  • Encourage students to complete their Moodle Profile, including a photo of their face and ideally a short biography. Explain the value of doing this - it not only helps tutors and lecturers match names to faces and get to know students, it also helps other students do this. Wherever students contribute (unless anonymous), Moodle will display their photo and a link to their nameprofile, helping with 'social presence' online and in-person. The availability of Moodle as a this kind of reference can help to avoid awkwardness and creation of distance when you know you should already know somebody's name but are now too embarrassed to ask.
  • Sometimes students names are registered incorrectly (or unclearly e.g. which name does the student want to be known by?) from the start, which percolates throughout our IT systems. Ideally the Registry takes steps to avoid this, but for the unavoidable problems, we should let students know how to get their names updated in the registry.
  • Tutors (as well as students) can register attendance in the Moodle Attendance activity, so if a group is small enough, consider taking an attendance register (rather than asking students to silently complete one). That way the entire group gets to know the name, the face and the voice.