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The following page contains a list of Known issues in ‘New Moodle’. These issues are being looked into by the relevant technical team and we hope to have them resolved as soon as possible. We have suggested temporary workarounds where possible.

Table of Contents


Moodle assignment submissions -  JPEG files

Currently if a student submits a JPEG file to a Moodle assignment, the PDF converter is not able to process the file. Staff are therefore not be able to provide feedback by annotating the document.


Staff can download the file to view it. To provide feedback, staff may wish to use an alternative  feedback method e.g. upload a Feedback file or enter comments in the Feedback comments text field - https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/x/RawpAg

Moodle assignment rubric does not scroll on tablet or mobile devices

Moodle assignment rubric does not scroll on tablet or mobile devices, making the rubric impossible to complete. 


Rubric can currently be completed on Desktop or Laptop devices, and Chromebook tablets.

Turnitin assignments and Moodle Reset function

At the end of the academic year and/or in preparation for a new cohort of students to a Moodle course, staff reset their courses to clear all student data - https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/x/URUVAw


When a 'default reset’ is done (by choosing ‘Select default’), Turnitin assignment deadlines disappear from the Moodle Timeline.


After resetting the course, delete the Turnitin assignment(s) and create new assignment (s)

Course Summaries not carried across from Legacy Moodle

Course summaries are not carried across as part of migration.


You will need to go to Course settings and either write or copy across the course summary from Legacy Moodle. Note that you should keep this short, ideally only a paragraph or two. 

Tabs format - Child Tabs

These do not carry over as expected - they are shown as top level tabs. 


You will need to go in and edit the tabs individually and set them to be child tabs again. 

Backlog of document conversions for Moodle Assignment annotations

There's currently a backlog of documents being converted for annotation within a Moodle Assignment



Help information in pop up boxes

Clicking a help icon on Moodle will open the help information in a separate page rather than a small box on the existing page




Student test accounts

Two issues with student test accounts with a fix in development.


Issue 2: Due to test accounts not being deleted, you may reach the limit of 15 test accounts and be unable to create more.

MyFeedback not showing personal tutees

In the MyFeedback block, on the second 'My Students' tab, it says that 'Any personal tutees you are allocated (in Portico) will show by default in the list below.' but they do not. No Personal Tutees are shown for members of staff to whom they have been allocated in Portico. A fix is currently in development.

My tutees block not available

Currently the 'My tutees' block isn't available on New Moodle. A fix is currently in development.

Breadcrumb trail isn't visible within several locations

The breadcrumb trail currently doesn't display in several locations which includes: multiple activity types; the edit settings page for multiple activity and resource types; the enrolment methods page and the course settings. A fix is currently in development.

Calendar functions not working

Several calendar functions currently don't work as intended. A fix is currently in development.


Issue 3: Exporting your calendar, via URL or iCal, doesn't export some or all events

Moodle Text Editor - fixed Tuesday 4 September

Users are not able to format text.  This is a bug that has been noted and the relevant technical team are looking into this.    . 

Turnitin assignment default repository- fixed Thursday 20th September 2018

There is an issue with one of the default settings for Turnitin. This will affect where student papers are stored and the way Turnitin will process the paper.


Turnitin are aware of the issue which has been reported by several institutions and are hoping to release a fix shortly.

Turnitin Assignment Instructor Digital Receipt notifications- fixed Wednesday 26th September 2018

Tutors and Course administrators are receiving email notifications when students make a submission to Turnitin. This has to do with a setting in a user’s profile. This is something that the Digital Education Technical team are hoping to resolve on a global level  for all users shortly. 

Tex filters

Latex notations may occasionally display oddly. This is currently under investigation.

Course Admins and Tutors listed in TurnitIn and Moodle Assignment submission areas

Users enrolled onto a course as a Course Admin or Tutor are showing up as users who can submit to a TurnitIn or Moodle assignment.
This is currently under investigation and should be resolved shortly.

Turnitin assignment default repository (Turnitin assignments created before 20th September 2018)

There was an issue with one of the default settings for Turnitin.  All assignments created before 20th September 2018 will have had the setting ‘Store student papers’ default to ‘No repository’ rather than ‘Standard repository’. We advise users to change this setting to ‘Standard repository’ to ensure papers are stored in the Turnitin database and allow future submissions to be compared with papers submitted to the assignment.

More information about this setting is available on the Moodle page for this setting.

Turnitin Assignment Instructor Digital Receipt notifications

Tutors and Course administrators are receiving email notifications when students make a submission to Turnitin. This has to do with a setting in a user’s profile. This is something that the Digital Education Technical team are hoping to resolve on a global level  for all users shortly. 

Pre-Approval students and Portico enrolments

We are aware of issues with pre-approval students not being enrolled to Moodle courses via Portico enrolments, even if the 'Allow pre-approval'box is ticked. 

We are pleased to report that a fix was applied for this issue on 28/09/2018 and students in pre-approval states should now be enrolled as expected once Portico enrolments are set up.

Non-editing Tutors can't see hidden sections

Users enrolled a Non-editing Tutor cannot view hidden sections within a course.

Guest Login (takes users in a loop) 

Clicking on Guest Login > Log in as guest takes the user in a loop and users are not able to search for a course to access.

Highlighting a section (topic or week) does nothing

Highlighting a section (topic or week) within a Moodle course doesn't visibly highlight anything

Participants page showing group names to all students

The partiicpants page on a Moodle course will show group names and group membership to all students enrolled onto a course.

Turnitin assignments - Moodle Timeline

The Moodle timeline (accessible in the course overview block)  displays deadlines for activities that have been created in Moodle courses. We are aware of a few issues relating to the Timeline and the display of Turnitin assignments.


Issue 2:  If a change is made to the due date in a Turnitin assignment within the submission inbox page. The ‘new’ date is not reflected in the Moodle timeline.  The timeline will only display the original due date.

Turnitin assignments - downloading 'GradeMark Files'

Users trying to download GradeMarked papers are presented with an error message. This does not affect downloads of ‘Originally Submitted Files’. Turnitin have acknowledged this issue and are currently investigating.