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Location: MRC Building. Room G.09.

Inverted Nikon TiE microscope stand with Perfect Focus System and motorised stage. Okolab cage incubation system with CO2. LED illumination for bright-field and fluorescence imaging. Motorised filter wheel with single-band and multi-band filter sets. Andor Zyla sCMOS camera for wide-field fluorescence and transmitted light imaging. Cellular dry mass measurement using Phasics SID4Bio quadriwave shearing interferometer. High speed instant super-resolution imaging with Visitech vt-iSIM and Hamamatsu Flash4.0v3 scientific CMOS camera.

Use for:

  • High resolution wide-field time-lapse microscopy;
  • Measurement of cellular dry mass changes during time-lapse, with or without simultaneous fluorescence imaging;
  • High speed structured illumination microscopy of fixed and live cells using instant SIM.

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Technical Specifications

Quick Start (Zyla camera)

Okolab Cage Incubators

Using the Okolab CO2 chamber with multiwell plates, Lab-Teks and other vessels

Warning! Risk of damage to lenses when using more than one sample in an Okolab specimen adapter