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nabo m. 'neighbour' 

namborom nt. 'room nest door, adjoining room'

nattbord nt. 'bedside table'

nebb nt. 'beak, bill'

nedbør nt. 'precipitastion'

nedgang m. 'decline'

nedjustering m. 'adjustment downwards'

nedsnødd ' snowed under'

nekte (nektet, nektet) 'refuse, deny'

nes nt. 'headland'

nest 'next, second': Norges nest lengste elv 'Norway's second longest river'

nett 'neat, petite, net (as in fishing net)'

nettopp 'just now, very recent'

nistirre (stirret, stirret) 'stare hard'.

nok 'enough'.  Nok is frequently used as a sentence modifier, or rather, restoring faith where there has been doubt.  Han kommer, certainty.Han kommer nok, there was doubt as to whether he is coming, but most likely he will come. Det blir nok fint vær i morgen.Most likely the weather will be good tomorrow.

nyankommet 'just arrived.

Den nyankommede m. 'person who just arrived.'

nyhet m. 'something new'

nyhetene pl. 'the news'

nær 'near'

nærmere bestemt 'more precisely'

nyte (nøt,nytt) 'enjoy'

næring m. 'hutrient'.

næringskjeden 'food chain'

nødig 'rather/preferably not'

nøyaktig 'exact'

nøye 'accurate, precise, exact, carefully'. Hør nøye etter 'listen carefully'.  Se nøyere etter ' look more carefully'

nå (nådde, nådd) 'reach, achieve'