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 ASR (automatic speech recognition) is a feature of Lecturecast which allows transcripts to be made for recordingsthat produces recording transcripts

Aside from their uses as an aid to viewers with auditory impairment, transcripts and captions can be extremely useful as a study tool.  Students often search large amounts of text using keywords to pinpoint passages of interest; Lecturecast transcripts, which are searchable and synchronised with the recording, allow similar searches of video presentations. 

ASR was enabled on the Lecturecast system 10 August 2020, so transcripts  will automatically be created for any recordings  uploaded to the system - note that captions will not appear automatically but can be activated by clicking on the 'Apply to CC' button - Image Removed found at the top right-hand-side of the transcript editorand be available to viewers automatically once a recording's audio file has been processed.

Close Captions (which are overlaid on the video like subtitles) use the same text as the transcript but are not available to viewers until the transcript text has been 'applied' to the caption system - see 'Correcting transcripts' below for guides on using the transcript editor and applying the transcript to CCs.

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