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Helpful Tip: You MAY find the easiest way to create video content is through the Echo360 Mobile Apps. Specifically, the Mobile Apps allow you to Upload a video from your phone or tablet into your content library.

Once you have a video in your library, you can follow these instructions to submit to an assignment from your library

Guidance on using my Lecturecast Library

In order to use the Echo360 (Lecturecast Mobile Application you must have accessed the Lecturecast system via a link on your Moodle course.


The guides below provide guidance on:

Table of Contents

How to submit video/media to a Moodle assignment

The steps below outline the process  of uploading a video to Lecturecast/Echo360 then submitting it through the Lecturecast/Echo360 Moodle assignment embedding feature.


Subit an existing Lecturecast
Subit an existing Lecturecast

How to submit an existing Lectuercast/Echo360 video to a Moodle assignment

The steps below outline the process of how to submit a video YOU OWN  and has already be uploaded to the Echo360 platform to a Moodle assignment. You can also upload and submit a video from your local machine or a shared cloud drive if necessary. 


Your tutor will be able to view and grade your submission in the Moodle assignment submissions page.

How-to video demonstrating how to make a video assignment submission

This short video demonstrates the steps above. This video has captions. A transcript is available via Media Central.