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Use any username of your choice - re-using the same username will reproduce only the report from that user and will not allow a further sitting. If a student wishes to view their report later they simply use the same login they used for the sitting. They can only sit QuickScan once on their login.

If you are using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Moodle, you would go directly to https://quickscan.me.uk/QS7/UCL/start.php

Tutors' Page:

(both case sensitive)


This is usually hosted on your own site in your own house style but it would also need to be accessible online - this temporary page and the learning
styles page it links to gives information which can be incorporated into
your "Landing Page" if desired.

Technical Information

If you are using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Moodle, you would go directly to https://quickscan.me.uk/QS7/UCL/start.phpand launch it in a new browser instance with no back button or other browser frame components, passing the student ID by POST method as a variable called txtpi.
You will need to pass:
Student ID as txtpi by POST method.
If you would like to have these items in data and reports, you can pass them, also by POST (as opposed to url encoded).  These are usually just
hidden inputs on the launch page with the appropriate names and values which
the php script picks up as a POST variable. If there are problems with this
we could modify our end to accept url encoded details.
title (or gender with the name title)

Help File:

This is a link to a helpfile with notes on settings. Installation notes do not apply to the OnLine version.