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While many of the features found within the ALP Lecturecast platform can be realised in other ways, one of its main strength is to have a rich feature set integrated into one platform, this has a number of benefits:


  • Deliver presentations with interactive question slides making recorded or live sessions more engaging;
  • View points in the lecture where students may have been confused;
  • View questions raised and respond to these either during or after the lecture;
  • Generate in class discussion while lecturing or after the lecture;
  • After the lecture, view student engagement with lecture slides and recordings.


Ideas for teaching with Lecturecast engagement tools

Looking for ideas on how to encourage active learning using Lecturecast? see the Echo360 blog post  21 Ways to Teach with Echo360 – Encourage Active Learning in your Class

Beetham H. (2007) notes that students learn more effectively when they:

  • are active;
  • are motivated and engaged;
  • can bring their existing capabilities into play;
  • are appropriately challenged;
  • have opportunities for dialogue;
  • receive feedback;
  • have opportunities for consolidation and integration.