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Before you start, you must have Blocks visible on your view.  If you have hidden your blocks, this will include the ones you will need to navigate around the the quiz.  Check the setting, top right of your Moodle page:Image Removed, click Show blocks if it is displayed as below. If blocks are visible, the option in the top right will say Hide blocks and you may proceed.

Image Added

To open your quiz, click on the link next to the red Quiz Icon:

If your Moodle page has a lot of content, you can quickly locate any Quizzes using the This course button, at the top of the page:


After you have selected the quiz, you will see a summary of any limitations, such as attempts, time limit, etc:

Click on the [ Attempt quiz now ] button to start your attempt.  If there is a time limit, then there will be a second confirmation:


When you reach the last question, you will be asked to [ Finish attempt ] or you can choose to do so at any point, using the link in the Navigation block.  This will show a summary which questions are answered, flagged, incomplete and unanswered.  You can click on a question number to review it.  If you have completed your attempt, then select [ Submit all and finish ] to complete the attempt.

Reviewing a quiz attempt