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Table of Contents

What Is It?

Embed Quiz Questions Anywhere is a set of open source (GPL) plugins that allows for quiz questions to be given to students outside of a quiz activity.

Why Use It?

Quiz questions can be made available to students outside of a quiz activity directly within Moodle content such as a page, book or lesson activity which enables them to be used as a tool for formative assessment. Your students will see the question feedback and you can review all student attempts using the reports.

Who Can Use It?

Tutors and course administrators can create questions in the Moodle question bank then embed them into their Moodle content.

Students can respond to questions as they work through content on their Moodle courses.

Before I Start...

Embed Quiz Questions Anywhere relies on all question bank categories and questions having a unique ID number. The plugin that powers this functionality uses these ID numbers to identity questions that are embedded into content on your Moodle courses. These ID numbers have to be set manually and are currently an optional step when creating question bank categories and questions within Moodle.

Meeting the Baseline

The UCL E-Learning Baseline suggests the following for Orientation:


  • 9.1 Students are encouraged and supported to work with learning resources
    Student should be encouraged to investigate, share or discuss through quizzes, simulations, forums, blogs, wikis, glossaries, or databases.

How Do I Set One Up?

Embedding a quiz question onto your Moodle course is very straightforward but question bank categories and individual quiz questions must be assigned an ID number beforehand. The steps below will detail how to add these ID numbers, add questions to your course and then review student responses.

Setting an ID Number for Question Bank Categories

  1. Navigate to your Moodle course and select Question bank within the Administration block.
  2. Click onto the Categories tab.
  3. You will then see the name of your Moodle course and a list of all question bank categories for that course, click the Settings cog for the category you wish to edit.
  4. In the ID number box, enter a unique ID number for the question bank category you're editing.
    1. We recommend using a consistent format based off of the course code. For example CODEXXXX-01 which can then be incremented for any additional question bank categories you wish to assign an ID number to.
  5. Press Save changes and edit any additional categories if required.

An example question bank category with an ID number assigned to it

Setting an ID Number for Quiz Questions

  1. Navigate to your Moodle course and select Question bank within the Administration block.
  2. Use the Select a category dropdown to select the category containing questions you wish to ID.
  3. Find the question you wish to add an ID number to, open the Edit dropdown and press Edit question.
  4. In the ID Number box, enter a unique ID number for the question being edited.
    1. We recommend using a consistent format based off of the course code and question bank category ID. For example, if the category ID number is CODEXXXX-01, the question ID number is CODEXXXX-01-01 which you can increment for additional questions that are assigned an ID.
  5. Press Save changes and edit any additional questions if required.

An example of some questions with ID numbers assigned to them

Embedding a Quiz Question

The Atto text editor toolbar with the embed questions button circled in red

  1. Navigate to your Moodle and Turn editing on.
  2. Edit or create the activity you wish to embed a quiz question into.
  3. In the Atto text editor, click the Embed Questions button (highlighted in the above image).
  4. Select the question bank category from the Question category dropdown.
  5. Select the question from the Question dropdown.
  6. Attempt options and Display options can be left on their default settings.
  7. Press Embed and then Save and display at the bottom of the page.

The configurable settings for embedded question questions

Reporting on Student Question Attempts

Once students have completed embedded quiz questions, you can view a report which contains information on how they responded to each question, whether they were correct on their most recent attempt and when they last attempted the question. This can be done at a course level or individually within each activity that contains an embedded question.


  1. Navigate to your Moodle course and open an activity with an embedded question.
  2. Click Embedded questions progress in the Administration block.
  3. Optional: You can filter the report and download the displayed data as a CSV.
    1. Date filter allows you to look back a fixed number of days or filter between certain dates.
    2. First name and Surname allow the list of students to be filtered by the starting letter of their first names or surnames.

An example report for embedded question attempts at activity level


TinyMCE Text Editor

The embed quiz questions anywhere function isn't supported within the TinyMCE text editor on Moodle. If you're using this editor and wish to embed questions, you will have to switch to the Atto text editor.


As the plugin relies on question bank categories and questions to have a unique ID number, we only recommend assigning these ID numbers to questions that you intend on embedding. We recommend this as the process of assigning an ID number is rather time consuming so you this spreads out the work of assigning ID numbers into smaller chunks as you start making use of them within your Moodle content. Likewise, the plugin will only show categories and questions with assigned ID numbers so these avoids any accidental embedding of questions being used for summative assessments.

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