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Once you've clicked onto the name of the recording you wish to download, you'll be presented with a page that contains three download options. For use in Lecturecast, download the Shared screen with speaker view by hovering over it and clicking the download button. Depending on the length of the recording and your download speeds, this may take some time to complete. Please note that Zoom generates a transcript for recordings which can be uploaded into Lecturecast to use instead of the captions and transcript generated by the automatic speech recognition function. The Audio transcript option seen in the image below will let you download a VTT file that you can then upload into Lecturecast once you've uploaded the video file. For more information on this

Please note, you will need to manually download and upload the Audio Transcript VTT file if you wish to use Zoom's captions instead of those generated by Lecturecast. For more information on uploading transcripts, please refer to the Echo360 guidance.