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UCL Chemistry -  Early Career Scientists. Community Wiki

Aim:  To help and support Early Career Scientists at UCL Chemistry with all manner of personal and career related issues as we progress our way through UCL and beyond.

This site is OPEN ACCESS site so can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection.. Some pages are closed access and noted with a *, these can be accessed either by UCL Chemistry Staff or people on the special list. 


Please feel free to use the Facebook page for discussion and chat or simply add something to the Wiki.   




Our "Where Next" event is happening on the 19th February and is a free lunch in the SRSCR.  It will be an opportunity to gather, network and discuss all sort of things with a focus on where we are going next.  Liz Read will tell us something about the opportunities that are available for us to apply for fellowships, as well as a couple of other short talks..


The list of resources below is for you to add to and use.