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Some current funding opportunities from the BEAMS 

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RCUK Energy Programme: Energy Strategy Fellow



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Call for Business Cases: Influencing new EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing Call





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Royal Society Paul Instrument Fund


A second call is expected to be issued later this year to fund bioinformatics and computational approaches.



*\[New calls -- Networking and mobility\]*


RAEng Distinguished Visiting Fellowship Scheme



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Grand Challenges Small Grants Scheme


UCL Public Policy Small Grants Scheme
UCL has a small amount of funding available via an EPSRC Pathways to Impact award to promote the public policy impact of EPSRC-funded research and training via small grants.  The total amount available is £40k and we plan to fund 6 to 10 activities.

Researchers who are working on EPSRC-funded research are invited to submit applications for funding to support public policy activity connected with their research, with the aim of improving the public policy impact of their work. Examples of activity might include:

  • Policy secondments (into Government or another policy organisation)
  • Collaborative research with a policy organisation
  • Holding a policy workshop or conference.

    Activities should include some engagement with external individuals or organisations that are involved in policy development or other policy work with the aim of delivering policy impact.

    Applicants are asked to:
  • provide a brief summary (500 words) of their proposal;
  • briefly explain the benefits of the proposal in terms of public policy impact (300 words);
  • provide details of the relevant EPSRC grant and project;
  • and, provide costings.  The scheme is open to academic, research staff and current and former PhD students associated with EPSRC funding. Applicants who are not members of UCL academic staff should provide details of a member of academic staff who has agreed to act as project sponsor, responsible for management of the funds and assuring delivery of the project. All funds must be spent by end of June 2012.

    In assessing proposals, the primary consideration will be their potential to make a contribution to UCL’s input into public policy and associated debate. A significant secondary consideration will be their potential to contribute to impact case studies within the 2013 Research Excellence Framework.

    The deadline for applications is Thursday 10th November.  Decisions will be made by the end of November.  If funds remain following this call, there will be a further call closing in January with decision in February.

    Submissions should be made by email to s.chaytor@ucl.ac.uk.  Please contact Sarah Chaytor (s.chaytor@ucl.ac.uk, x28584) with any queries or to discuss further.

    Note on costings: Each bid including staff time should be accompanied by PDF print out of a draft pFact costing for the activity, which has passed departmental review, but not that of Research Finance Unit. Since this activity is funded as 100% of direct costs (including researcher salaries and project consumables) only, the Charity template within the pFact system should be used. Academic time or teaching replacement can be included where this is exceptional relative to an individual’s usual responsibilities as a member of UCL staff, and should be included in the staff element. For bids that include only travel and consumables, a list of these should be provided.

    Award Conditions: Funds are dispersed using the normal UCL financial regulations and systems. The PI will receive an electronic report monthly on the use of funds, any discrepancies should be highlighted and discussed within the department to resolve. Funds must be spent within the terms and conditions of the funder (EPSRC) for knowledge transfer expenditure and any underspends will be clawed back for re-use within further calls. Overspends are the responsibility of the department. No extensions to the project period past June 2012 will be given.
    Closing date: Thursday 10th November



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Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowships


There are no closing dates but applicants aiming for the Jan/Feb panel should aim to get their proposals in to EPSRC by the end of September.  Slides from a briefing event we held about the new fellowship scheme are available from matthew.davis@ucl.ac.uk.  NB. All those considering an application to the new scheme should let their Head of Department and Matt Davis know as soon as possible.



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ESRC/EPSRC Sustainable Materials for Energy (PIRE) – US/UK Collaborative Funding



*\[Calls still open -- Impact, Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise Funding\]* \\

RAEng ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs Award



*\[Calls still open -- Networking and mobility\]*


Royal Academy of Engineering Research Exchanges with China and India Scheme





*\[Calls still open -- Internal funding opportunities*\[[3]\|file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Charles/Desktop/BEAMS-forum-october-2011-opportunities.doc#_ftn3\]]*\]*


Internal CASE Awards

These awards support doctorates collaborative with industry in the Industrial CASE model: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/funding/students/coll/icase/. Awards may be made over either 3 or 4 years (e.g. MRes + PhD). There is a quarterly call: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/beams/phd/funding/case


Caterina Mora, Matt Davis

October 2011


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Wiki Markup\[[2]\|file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Charles/Desktop/BEAMS-forum-october-2011-opportunities.doc#_ftnref2\] For a number of internal funding opportunities for postgraduate research and training available to UCL academics see: [http://www.ucl.ac.uk/beams/phd/funding|http://www.ucl.ac.uk/beams/phd/funding] Wiki Markup\[

[3]\|file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Charles/Desktop/BEAMS-forum-october-2011-opportunities.doc#_ftnref3\] For a number of internal funding opportunities for postgraduate research and training available to UCL academics see: [http://www.ucl.ac.uk/beams/phd/funding|http://www.ucl.ac.uk/beams/phd/funding]