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Blocks can be added to the left and right side of the Moodle course homepage, on either side of where the main course content appears. 


  1. Switch editing on.
  2. In edit mode, the last block on the right will be Add a block, which contains a drop-down list of all the blocks you can add to your page. Any that are missing may already be on your page. 
  3. The new block should appear at the bottom of the right hand column.
  4. Click the cog icon to configure the block, choose the configuration link from the drop-down menu to load the configuration page.
    • Note: Blocks that cannot be configured will not have this icon.

    • Example: 
      • When you configure the HTML block you can enter a Block Title or leave this blank to hide the title (e.g. if you want an untitled graphic).
      • In the content section, you can add text, graphics, links etc. as we have seen before.
  5. Once you have finished configuring the block click Save changes at the bottom of the page and you will be returned to the course homepage
  6. To move the block, click and drag the four-way arrow icon to move the block to another place in the left or right columnscolumn. Alternatively, you can click and release this same move icon to see a list of locations the block can be moved to. Click on one of these options to move the block below it.
  7. To delete a block, click the cog icon and from the drop-down menu choose to remove it.

    • Note: If you delete a HTML block you may want to copy the text to a text file before deleting it, so you can easily add it back again in future. All other blocks can be brought by simply re-adding


  • Place navigation items, top-right

Although Moodle lets you place blocks anywhere in the columns, on either side, we recommend that you follow web design conventions and place navigation blocks in the top-left and news or dynamic items such as the calendar on the right. 

At very least you should cluster similar blocks together. E.g. 


  • Dock and undock blocks

Blocks can be placed docked on the left side of the screen via the Dock icons  Menu items within the docked block can be accessed by clicking on the block. To undock a block and move it back to its original position, click on the undock icon.