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How do I set one up?

Add a Quiz quick guide

(For exams, refer to our separate settings guidance).

  1. To create a Quiz remember to Turn editing on.
  2. In the topic where you want the quiz to appear, click on the Add an activity or resource link and select Quiz.
  3. Give the quiz a meaningful and unambiguous Name.
  4. In the Description, explain clearly what the students have to do, any pre-quiz requirements and so on. Note you can use the Editor to add links, images etc..
  5. For Timing, you can choose when the quiz is available to students, by setting an open date/time and closed date/time. Tick the Enable box to allow this. When a Time limit is set, Moodle will automatically submit the quiz after this time expires. The student is warned when time runs low. You can also set a time limit on the quiz. We recommend you set When time expires to 'Open attempts are submitted automatically.'
  6. Grade controls which Grade category the results will come under, Attempts allowed - how many attempts your students are allowed to take, and Grading Method - how multiple attempts (if allowed) are graded.
  7. Layout - Shuffling the question order randomly can help stop repetition, predictable patterns and cheating off a neighbour (in exams). If you want the questions to display in the order they appear on the edit screen, set this to 'As shown on the edit screen'. Placing Every question on a New page is recommended for exams, as student responses will be saved every time they change page.
  8. Question Behaviour - Shuffling within the question (i.e. randomising the answers) can also help stop repetition, predictable patterns and cheating off a neighbour (in exams). You can choose what kind of feedback (if any) to provide students. For exams, you will probably want to keep this set to deferred feedback. Certainty Based Marking (CBM) is a new option available in Moodle 2. More information about this method of testing is available from: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/lapt/
  9. Review options - information is presented at various stages throughout the quiz - for exams, these should all be unchecked so students can't see their attempts or marks.
  10. Extra Restrictions on attempts - If you are setting an exam, you should require a password. If you need to check what it is, click Unmask.
  11. Once you are happy with the settings, Save and display.


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