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Quickmail block - compose new email, signatures, view drafts, view history, alternate emails, configuration

The Quickmail block allow allows tutors to email course participants by providing a link to a tool that has a checkbox list of all participants in the course, a mail composition text area and a field for attaching a file from the course files area. After selecting each participant, an email will be sent to their standard email inbox. When multiple participants are selected, Quickmail sends an individual email to each one, so they will not be see the email address of any other recipients. 


  1. Go to your Moodle course and turn editing on.
  2. At the bottom of the right - column, find the Add a block block and select 'Quickmail' from the drop-down menu.
  3. The Quickmail block will appear at the bottom of the right-hand column.



Only students in a group can use the Quickmail block at the moment. We are working to fix this issue, but for now, the workaround is to create a Moodle group and add all students to it.


A. If you have with hundreds of students enrolled, it may take  take a while to load the Compose New Email page.