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Good recording practices for successful lecture recordings


The most common cause of problems with recordings is poor sound quality/variable volume – this is almost always caused by failure to use the radio mics. provided.
The majority of spaces are supplied with radio mics, where they are not present sound may be captured by other microphones in the space although quality may vary with presenter position.


Q&A if you hold Q&A sessions during your lecture, remember that audience voices do not capture well – it helps the final recording if you repeat questions before answering.


The cameras in lecture spaces are focussed on the front desk/podium area. Some have a wide angle and some have a narrower angle – if the intention is to include a presenter video component
as part of the recording (not all lecturers choose to) staying in the region of the podium will help ensure that you stay in shot – if your style is to move around the theatre as you talk you might
consider not including the presenter video component of your recording – non-inclusion of presenter can be requested when the recording is booked).