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If a tutor clicks on the grade pencil icon next to a student's name in a Turnitin inbox when they haven't submitted anything, the student receives an email 'digital receipt' with paper ID.  Turnitin are aware of this issue and the Digital Education Services team have asked them to resolve it.

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How do I allow students to submit scanned work or images to Turnitin?

Turnitin requires there to be at least 20 words submitted, so if students need to submit scanned work work  or images you should provide a coversheet containing at least 20 words that students can attach to the start of their scanned PDFs. In order to merge these in to one document students on a PC can use  PDFMerge  and students on a Mac can use the pre-installed  Mac Preview . If you are using Desktop@UCL see:  How to merge PDF documents. Note. scanned work or images cannot currently be checked for plagiarism by Turnitin. 

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I click on the bin icon to delete a student's submission, but nothing happens?


No, there is no automatic notification. If you set the Post Date to the expected Post Date, and stick to that, then students will know (from the Turnitin Assignment's landing page aka Summary) when to check back. Otherwise, tutors can always send a News Forum post saying ‘Your marks are now available to view’.

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How do I submit on behalf of a student on an anonymous assignment?

There is is no way for course admins or tutors to submit on behalf of a student in an anonymous assignment.  You will need to email digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk with the students name and a copy of their assignment, and the team will upload it on the student's behalf.

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Turnitin also allows images to be submitted, however, these images are not checked for plagiarism as images can't currently be matched to sources. In order to submit scanned work to Turnitin, the Economics department provide students with a coversheet containing the required 20 words of text that students append to the start of their scanned PDFs of their work. In order to merge these in to one document students on a PC can use PDFMerge and students on a Mac use the pre-installed Mac Preview. On the UCL Desktop and Myriad you can use How to merge PDF documents.