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I have received a Turnitin 'Paper View Request' what do I do?

When an instructor receives a 'Paper View Request' email from another instructor who is also using Turnitin.

For example, Turnitin allows an instructor from another Institution, has a report for one of their students showing a match to a paper that was uploaded to one of their coursesuniversity or institution to make a paper view request. This happens when similarities have been found in text with a submission made at our institution.

When an instructor tutor receives one of these requests, they can choose reply to the email, which would give the 'requesting' instructor a copy of the matching paper.  But they are not required to reply. They can just ignore the request if they choose. We leave that decision to the Instructor who received the request. 

If the instructor tutor replies to the email, the 'requesting' instructor will only get a copy of the matching paper. They receive no other information regarding the student or the instructor. More information regarding paper requests can be found on the Turnitin guide Managing paper requests.

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