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Attempts: If this is set to more than 1, students will be able to attempt the exam more than once. The usual setting is 1.

Questions per New page: We recommend you set this to 1 per page'Every question'.

  • When questions are presented in a series of pages or screens students' responses will automatically be saved at the end of each page, ensuring that their responses are not inadvertently lost. 
  • Also, students can easily flag a question that they wish to return to later.

*Double-check questions per page by doing a quiz preview. If it still shows more than 1 question per page you will need to repaginate your quiz. To do this: 

1. Go to the Quiz [Edit] tab.
2. Scroll to the bottom and select 'Show page breaks' > Repaginate with 1 per page > [Go].
3. Preview the quiz again to confirm only 1 question per page is shown.


Shuffle within questions (shuffle answers): We recommend you change this to 'Yes' to minimise the chance of students cheating by copying the answers of the people around them.


  • Use a password that is easy to enter, but hard to guess. E.g. "purple". 

  • Only use lowercase letters.

  • Avoid special characters. 

  • If the password is easy to enter students will be more likely to all start their quiz at the same time.

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