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Wikis may be used, for example, for: *

  • structures of articles on subjects à la Wikipedia


  • collaborative work e.g. in teaching and learning)


  • sharing technical notes in a small group


  • managing projects

Logging in


Go to \[http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk\] and login with your normal UCL user ID and password.
The page which appears is the UCL Wiki Dashboard. It lists the _spaces_ (i.e. different areas in the wiki) to which you have access in a column on the left. You may be able to see some spaces without logging in, but you won't be able to do much.

Adding a comment

As you navigate through pages in spaces, you will find Add Comment links on some pages. If you have a short comment, you can use these. Someone else may reply to your comment thus creating a threaded discussion. If your comment is more substantial, you may want to edit the page itself, if you have been given the right to do so (you can see the Edit tab at the top of the page).

Editing a page

you You will see various tabs at the top of wiki pages. If you can see the _Edit_ tab, you can click on it to edit the page (or the page's title).
If you are using one of the recommended browsers (see the top of this guide), a WYSIWYG editor (the _Rich Text_ tab) will appear with Word-like formatting options. The _Format_ drop-down box is the recommended way to add headings and other styles. Remember to save any changes before navigating away from the page you're working on!