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  • All Turnitin does is find matches - so it cannot tell whether or not a piece of work is plagiarised. However, a high Similarity score can highlight where you need to work on your academic writing.
  • Although Turnitin has a large database of sources, it may not find every match of text that occurs on the web and in books and journals - so Turnitin may not be the only tool used by UCL to check for plagiarism and difficulties with academic writing.
  • If you want to, you can obtain a confidential Originality Report on your draft work by submitting it to the Turnitin assignment at UCL's Plagiarism and Academic Writing Moodle space.
  • For further information see UCL's plagiarism guidelines.
  • Elsewhere in our guidance for students we explain in more detail what the Turnitin Similarity score means.


Students can access information about plagiarism and submit work to Turnitin confidentially, at the Plagiarism and Academic Writing Moodle course.  

See our FAQs about Turnitin at UCL.