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Comment: Added explanations of characters.


(Indicates a character that has already been done; revision.)

The words on the right indicate possible explanations. Ignore them if they're not helpful.

而 需 端 Connection between And and Supply. Third character?

共 供 恭 Connection between Together and Provide. How to get to Respectful?

工 贡 功 攻 寸 村 守 Difficult to explain - Tree + Inch = Village?!Carpenter's Square, Offering (shell+money), Merit (strength), tools used to Attack

在 存 荐 Difficult to explain

其 期 斯 君 群 裙Moon indicates Period in the second character.

再 见 The second character is an eye on legs. It is used as a phonetic in the third character.

有 右 左

心 你 您 The first character is a picture.

了 疗 病

(木) 本 末 体 Diagrams of the Base and End. person+base= Body

几 机 个

西 洒 酒 Note the water in the two latter characters.

史 吏 使

勿 物 易

介 世 界

银 铅 铜

士 志 杂

会 事 儿

勺 的 约

者 都 堵

付 附 符 府 Person+Inch=Pay, piled earth+Pay, Bamboo+Pay, roof+Pay= Government

正 政 整

山 出 础

福 富 幅

斤 近 听

习 复 练 


申 电 视

求 球 救

旦 但 担

和 平 评

所 以 似

每 海 梅

If you can think of a one or two more characters connected, these may also be done: